Vale Churchill Fellows 

We remember those Queensland Churchill Fellows who we have lost: 

Inspector Vallis (Viv) Barlow, 1971
To make a study of police in-service training courses and training methods - USA, UK 

Mr Montague (Monte) Benjamin, 1972
To attend international congress on drugs and alcoholism and to study governmental participation in related programmes - USA, Canada, UK, France, Netherlands, Denmark, Poland, Russia, Hungary, Austria, Switzerland, Italy 

Pastor Donald Brady, 1969
To study social welfare community development techniques and integration problems of ethnic minorities - New Zealand, USA

Mr Jim Bruce, 1973
To extend knowledge and to investigate new methods and trends in document repair and preservation - UK, USA, Canada

Mr William (Leslie) Burton, 1981
To study developments in the growing and manufacture of tea - Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, Malaysia, India, Sri Lanka 

Mr Roderick Cameron, 1982
To study the cultivation, utilisation and conservation of sorghum and other grain crops in arid areas  - USA, Israel

Mr Harold Caulfield, 1970
To consult with staff on matters relating to the setting up of a new botanic garden for Queensland - USA, UK, Singapore

Mrs Leonora Davenport, 1983
To study developments and methods of conducting exhibitions and workshops in geographically remote and culturally deprived communities - USA, Canada

Dr Neville Davis, 1968
To study research developments in the treatment of malignant melanoma which is a serious form of skin cancer - USA, Denmark, Italy, UK

Mr Alan Donaldson, 1979
To study overseas developments in technical and vocational education particularly in relation to the technology of diesel engines fluid power, heavy earthmoving and transporting equipment, farm tractors and crop production machinery and to be involved
in such educational programmes as can be arranged - UK, Germany, USA, Canada

Mr Kevin Doody, 1973
To study the systems of the administration of workers' compensation, and the rehabilitation of injured workers in advanced overseas countries - Sweden, UK, USA, Canada

Dr Richard Kemp AM, 1980
To observe and practice the management and teaching of infectious diseases in a General (Teaching) Hospital setting at the Harvard Medical School - USA 

Mr Ronald McDonald, 1970
To gain advanced training in the most recent developments in soil survey techniques with particular regard to irrigation crops - Netherlands, Italy

Mr Ian McDonald, 1969
To study modern developments in the teaching of multiple handicapped children and adolescents - New Zealand, UK, USA, Switzerland, Denmark, Netherlands

Mr Michael Lewis, 1971
To study various systems of prison control - USA, UK, Canada, Sweden

Mr Charles Lisner OBE, 1972
To study contemporary work being created in the major ballet companies - Russia, Denmark, UK, USA, Belgium

Mr Max McArdle, 1976
To study new mediums and modern developments in letterpress-making methods - USA, UK, Germany 

Mr Harry Pauli, 1971
To investigate programmes in land and water resources used in countries whose achievements are relevant to Australian conditions - Canada, UK, Netherlands, Italy, Israel, South Africa

Mr Mervyn Rowland, 1979
To undertake a course in advanced leathercraft and saddlery at De Witt's Custom Saddlery and School, Oregon - USA

Mr John Saal, 1970
To observe courses and practices in medical technology - USA, Canada, UK, Italy, France, Singapore

Reverend Raymond Thomas Slattery, 1967
To study methods of in-service training of science, particularly chemistry teachers - USA

Mr Gilbert Spottiswood, 1987
To study theatrical interpretation at the Andreas Voutinas School in Paris in order to improve the quality of cultural projects in Queensland - France 

Ms Ruth Stoneley, 1986
To study the historical, social and technical aspects of quiltmaking - USA

Mrs Coralie Thorogood, 1975
To gain advanced knowledge in the breeding, rearing, care and handling of Angora goats for the production of food and mohair - South Africa 

Mr Leon Vidler, 1971
To observe and study modern developments in the education of deaf children - Japan, USA, UK, France, Germany, Italy 

Miss Margaret Whiley, 1968
To study social welfare administration particularly in respect to policy planning - France, UK, USA, Canada