Queensland Fellows and their Projects | 1966-2014 | A-Z


Mrs Wendy Abbott, 2001
To investigate models of allied health service delivery in rural areas, particularly the provision of occupational therapy services to the aged and people with disabilities in their home environment - Canada, USA, Israel, UK, Ireland.

Mr Warwick Adeney, 1995
To study the inter-relationships of conductors, concert masters and other orchestral members in leading European orchestras - UK, Germany, Austria, Italy

Mr Clint Allen, 2011
The Dr Dorothea Sandars and Irene Lee Churchill Fellowship to study contemporary trumpet performance techniques from leading practitioners involved in the creation of crossover music - UK, Netherlands, France

Senior Sergeant Corey Allen, 2010
The Dorothy and Brian Wilson Churchill Fellowship to identify and improve methods of engaging, diverting and responding to youth who are homeless or sleeping rough in urban environments - UK, Ireland, USA, New Zealand

Mr Lee Allen, 1993
To investigate the control of American animal pests which occupy the same ecological niche as Australian animal pests - USA

Mr Colin Allen-Waters, 2005
The James Love Churchill Fellowship to examine communities/schools successes in education with emphasis on schooling for 13-18 year olds - U.K., Ireland, Finland, Norway

Miss Jacinta Amies, 2000
To study programmes and workshops that teach job-securing strategies, especially for youth - USA, Canada

Mr John Amprimo, 1997
To study stream rehabilitation - Canada, USA

Mr Lex Appelgren, 2002
The James Love Churchill Fellowship to investigate the use of membrane systems in the treatment and reuse of municipal wastewaters - USA, Canada

Dr Donald Appleton, OAM, 1971
To study developments in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the nervous system in children - USA

Mr John Armitt, 1976
To study the organisational structure of water pollution control and noise control authorities for the successful abatement of water pollution and the latest methods and guidelines relating to noise control in industrial sources - UK, USA

Dr Kenneth Armstrong, 1992
The Sir William Kilpatrick Churchill Fellowship to identify potential behavioural and developmental problems before and shortly after birth and in particular in the children of drug addicted mothers - USA

Mr John Arnfield, 1999
The Jack Sheeran Churchill Fellowship to learn the latest developments in high speed dough development - UK

Dr Andrew Ash, 1995
The Samuel and Eileen Gluyas Churchill Fellowship to visit leading research centres investigating the sustainability of soil and pasture used for cattle grazing - USA, UK

Ms Bronwyn Ashton, 2004
The Bob and June Prickett Churchill Fellowship to study innovative projects in the area of preventing and managing childhood obesity such as school fruit programs, reducing 'junk' food promotion and increasing physical activity - USA, U.K., Greece

Mr Neal Askanasy, 1975
To study the rules and efficient operation of water resource systems involving more than one storage system in a computer programme involving multiplicity of purpose - USA, UK, Canada

Inspector Peter Assfalg, 2005
The Donald Mackay Churchill Fellowship to identify Noble Cause Corruption reduction strategies and study working models - USA, Canada, U.K., Philippines

Ms Eloise Atkinson, 2006
The A.V. Jennings Churchill Fellowship to explore innovative architectural design, materials, methods of construction and tenure for affordable housing - USA, Canada, U.K.


Mr Mark Baczynski, 1996
The Jack Sheeran Churchill Fellowship to study the reduction of product wastage within the baking industry - USA, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, France, UK

Mr John Bagshaw, 1992
To study post-harvest handling of horticultural crops - USA

Mr Nicholas Bailey, 2005
To study fine furniture design, construction methods and techniques that are used in antique pieces and future antiques - U.K., USA

Miss Helen Banff, 1967
An observation tour of hospitals with a view to improving standards of patient care, nursing education and nursing administration in Queensland hospitals - Canada, USA, UK, Thailand, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland

Miss Mary Bani, 1998
The James Love Churchill Fellowship to assess the collection of Torres Strait Island historical material housed at Cambridge University - UK

Detective Sergeant Charles Barham, 1999
To study covert computer investigation techniques particularly in the area of internet based child pornography - USA, Canada, U.K.

Mr Jeremy Barker, 2007
To study bioinformatics (delivering knowledge to research scientists) services - USA, U.K.

Mr Christopher Barlow, 1999
To investigate the methodologies and value of producing and stocking hatchery reared marine fin-fish into estuaries - USA, Japan

Inspector Vallis Barlow, 1971
To make a study of police in-service training courses and training methods - USA, UK

Mr Jonathon Barnes, 2010
To study timber conservation and repair techniques - UK

Miss Ester Barter, 2011
The Peter Mitchell Churchill Fellowship to study innovative care models for incontinent people - Denmark, UK

Dr David Bartholomeusz, 2008
To study the latest techniques in advanced equine dentistry and associated facilities - UK, USA

Mr Samuel Bassett, 1979
To study advanced cattle breeding techniques and the integration of European breed cattle into established cattle breeding systems - USA, Canada

Mrs Anne Beasley, 2001
To visit wetlands managed by non-profit community organisations to assess visitor impact on both habitat and wildlife through education and management practices - USA, Canada, UK, Netherlands

Mr Alan Beattie, 1973
To study ideas on brushing, packaging, marketing to processors, transport and bulk handling of potatoes - USA, UK, Netherlands

Mrs Tanya Beech, 2013
To research vocational training courses in conservation being delivered to Indigenous Rangers - South Africa, Tanzania

Mr John Beirne, 1995
To study government and community responses to the problems of high growth, socially disadvantaged communities - USA, Canada

Miss Wendy Bell, 1997
To investigate the latest trends in urban design as they relate to community safety and crime deterrence - Canada, Netherlands, France

Mr Montague Benjamin, 1972
To attend international congress on drugs and alcoholism and to study governmental participation in related programmes - USA, Canada, UK, France, Netherlands, Denmark, Poland, Russia, Hungary, Austria, Switzerland, Italy

Dr Kerrie Bennison, 2007
The Lamington National Park Churchill Fellowship to study the conservation of small and threatened wildlife populations - U.K., Channel Islands, USA

Mr Peter Berkeley, 2006
To examine how to make cycling safe, convenient and feasible for Australian communities - Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, USA, Canada

Ms Joanna Besley, 2009
To examine the role of museums in assisting communities to recover from traumatic events and experiences - USA, UK, Ireland, Netherlands, Germany, South Africa

Ms Odette Best, 2002
The Bob and June Prickett Churchill Fellowship to evaluate Indigenous health and Indigenous nursing access programmes - New Zealand, USA, Canada

Ms Amanda Bigelow, 1995
The James Love Churchill Fellowship to investigate partnership agreements between Indigenous peoples and governments - New Zealand, Canada

Inspector Paul Biggin, 2012
The Donald Mackay Churchill Fellowship to combat trafficking of women for sexual servitude/prostitution within mining towns through organised crime fuelled by growth within the mining industries - Chile, USA, Canada, Philippines

Ms Linley Birkett (Now Bennett), 2001
The Dr Iain C. Medgett Churchill Fellowship to enhance my skills as an orchestral violinist and to develop techniques to serve in the expression and communication of new music - UK

Mr Norman Birrell, 1982
To undertake a course in the methods of using glass, in stained glass art, at the Pilchuck School in Seattle, and to visit glass art factories - USA

Mr Roland Bishop, 1969
To become acquainted with the various types, uses and mechanical operation of electrical apparatus used in cardiac units - USA, UK, Sweden, Netherlands

Mr Allan Blair, 1993
The James Love Churchill Fellowship to learn the latest practices in the use and application of agricultural chemicals with particular reference to farmer training - UK, Denmark

Sergeant Peter Blake, 2013
To study the development and implementation of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles for use by Australian police services - Germany, UK, Canada, USA

Mr Colin Blumson, 1966
To study medieval antiquities in Britain and art centres of Europe - UK, Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Poland, Germany, Czech Republic, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, France, Spain

Ms Maura Bock, 1999
To undertake a specialised speech pathology course on the rehabilitation of adults dependent on mechanical ventilation - USA, U.K.

Dr Fiona Bogossian, 2006
The Bob and June Prickett Churchill Fellowship to examine the scope of practice, education and regulation of Doulas (lay women who are trained birth companions who provide support but do not undertake clinical tasks) - U.K., USA

Dr Michael Bonning, 2009
To study methods for promoting wellbeing within the medical profession - U.K., Norway, Canada, USA

Mr Andrew Borrell, 1988
To study all aspects of rice production at major research institutions and to apply the knowledge gained to the development of the North Queensland rice industry - Phillipines, Japan, USA, Columbia

Mr Robert Boughen, 1977
To investigate overseas methods of teaching organ music at tertiary level and the use of the organ as an enrichment instrument for university and civic communities - UK, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland

Ms Donna Bowe, 2013
To research best practice, collaborative interagency models to address severe domestic squalor and compulsive hoarding - USA

Mr Christopher Boyle, 2012
To study the effective use of intensive family support services to address child abuse and neglect - UK, Denmark, Canada, USA

Ms Elaine Bradley, 2012
To investigate rural communities that have rebuilt local economies by supporting networks of small farmers working together - USA

Pastor Donald Brady, 1969
To study social welfare community development techniques and integration problems of ethnic minorities - New Zealand, USA

Mr Michael Brand, 2006
To investigate innovative methods for supplementing water supplies, such as seawater desalination plants and wastewater recycling plants, for human consumption and/or industrial use - USA, West Indies, Spain, Singapore

Mr Lyndon Brannigan, 2007
To study the process involved in the design of regional museums focusing on the collaboration between a regional community and an architect - USA

Mr Michael Brennan, 1993
The Jack Sheeran Churchill Fellowship to study the possibilities of reducing the calorific value of baked goods by decreasing the levels of fat, oil and sugar - Netherlands, Denmark

Mr William Brinkley, 1990
The Jack Sheeran Churchill Fellowship to study the production methods and ingredient technology of frozen doughs - USA

Ms Hazel Brittain, 2014
To investigate models for making childbirth safe and accessible for rural women across Australia - UK, Canada, New Zealand

Mr Roger Broadley, 2002
To study the latest sustainable technology for growing custard apples and the related cherimoya from the world's biggest three producers of these crops, and access germplasm for use in our Australian custard apple breeding programme - South America, Spain

Miss Delena Brophy (now Farmer), 1997
To develop skills in planning, development and implementation of rural youth work and vocational training - Germany, UK, USA

Mrs Elizabeth Brown, 2009
To study innovation in engineering for sustainable development - USA, UK

Mrs Judith Brown, 2004
To assess community programs which provide respite and support services to carers of people who are frail aged or have dementia in rural and remote localities - Canada, Sweden, Norway

Mr David Brown-Rothwell, 2000
The Bob and June Prickett Churchill Fellowship to acquire knowledge of the latest advances in cranial surgery - USA, UK

Mr Jim Bruce, 1973
To extend knowledge and to investigate new methods and trends in document repair and preservation - UK, USA, Canada

Miss Pamela Bryce, 1968
To undertake a concentrated study of all aspects of violin playing while acquiring international standing and experience - Belgium, Switzerland

Senior Sergeant Leslie Bulluss, 2010
To research culturally appropriate Indigenous community policing models - USA, Canada

Mr Edmund (Mike) Burke, 1966
To study modern restorative and maxillo-facial techniques - UK, USA

Dr Brian Burns, 1999
To evaluate integrated cooperative meat industry systems and adapt these systems to respond to market signals and customer demands - USA, Canada, UK, Netherlands, France

Mr William Burton, 1981
To study developments in the growing and manufacture of tea - Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, Malaysia, India, Sri Lanka

Mrs Gladys Busch, 1983
To study old dollmaking techniques and doll restoration and preservation - UK, Germany, France, USA

Mr Noel Busch, 1978
To study overseas developments in education, training and research within the coal mining industry - UK, USA

Ms Jill Butler, 1984
To study continuous Ambulatory Peritoneal Dialysis (self, or home treatment for renal failure)  principles and practice particularly in relation to children and the visually disabled - USA, UK, Canada

Mr Andrew Butt, 2013
To investigate the jazz education journey from high school through to professional performance - USA

Mr Randall Byram, 2000
To research the conditions, methods and techniques by which Government and Private Sector establish eco-industrial parks - Denmark, Germany, USA

Mr Len Bytheway, 1988
To visit a number of centres of excellence in the USA to observe the application of technologies in the education and lifestyle of hearing impaired people - USA


Mr Ian Cameron, 1998
To study the design and operation of biological iron and manganese removal water treatment plants - France, Germany, UK

Mr Roderick Cameron, 1982
To study the cultivation, utilisation and conservation of sorghum and other grain crops in arid areas  - USA, Israel

Sister Yvonne Campbell, 1976
To acquire broader knowledge of haemodialysis principles and practice particularly in relation to home dialysis training for children - New Zealand, USA, UK

Mr Bryan Cantrell, 1982
To examine at museums in London and Paris, reference specimens of the Australian species of tachinid flies which may be utilised as parasites to control agricultural pests - UK, France

Ms Angela Capelli, 1997
The A.V. Jennings Churchill Fellowship to study the development, design and construction of housing for people with disabilities - UK, Sweden, Netherlands, USA, Canada

Inspector Maurice Carless, 2005
To research techniques in child death reviews for Indigenous Australians - Canada, USA, U.K., New Zealand, Singapore

Mr Rodney Carter, 1978
To study overseas developments in national park interpretation with particular reference to environmental education - USA, UK, Canada

Mr Brian Castles-Onion, 1994
To study and consolidate technique as an operatic conductor - Italy, Netherlands

Mr Harold Caulfield, 1970
To consult with staff on matters relating to the setting up of a new botanic garden for Queensland - USA, UK, Singapore

Mr Alan Chenoweth, 1989
The A.V. Jennings Churchill Fellowship to evaluate site planning, design and development of projects and current overseas trends in housing, with emphasis on reconciling the diverse needs of tenants - USA, UK, Germany, Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden

Dr Mervyn Cheong, 1972
To study hospital geriatric facilities - Netherlands, Denmark, Belgium, UK

Mr Jeffery Cheverton, 2007
To ascertain how mental health NGO's can raise funds from private sources to fund their mental health advocacy campaigns - USA, Canada, U.K., New Zealand

Mr Andrew Chin, 2003
To investigate the progress of tropical shark research and conservation with emphasis on the social, cultural and economic forces that drive shark over-fishing and how to involve communities in sustainable shark fishing and conservation programs - USA, Si

Ms Natalie Chopping (now Sell), 2004
The Vincent Fairfax Churchill Fellowship to research innovative health care interventions that allow older people to remain living independently in their own homes and helps to reduce avoidable hospitalisation - U.K., Canada

Miss Eve Christie, 1999
To undertake an intensive German language course and vocal training - Germany, U.K.

Dr Jayne Clapton, 2010
To investigate sustainable outcomes for students of low socio-economic backgrounds in Australian higher education - Netherlands, UK, Ireland, Finland

Ms Julie Clark, 2000
The Save the Children Fund Churchill Fellowship to identify strategies used by telephone counselling and internet services in responding to the needs of children and young people - USA, UK, France

Mr Andrew Clark, 1997
To investigate the use of the latest technology in museum display - USA

Ms Lynda Close, 2009
The Bob and June Prickett Churchill Fellowship to examine management and therapy strategies for children experiencing hearing loss - U.K., Italy, USA, Canada

Dr Noelene Cole, 2000
To study recording and managing rock art - India, Italy, France, Spain

Dr Robert Coles, 1996
The James Love Churchill Fellowship to study the impact of coastal development on tropical marine vegetation - Guam, Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, India

Mr Grant Collins, 1984
To study the techniques and methods of restoration and preservation of rare and significant books, printed manuscripts, maps, prints and other materials - USA, UK

Ms Jacquelyn Conn, 1987
To observe how music is used in the education and recreation of handicapped youth in order to disseminate the knowledge gained in schools and units in Australia and particularly in Queensland - UK

Ms Marilyn Connell, 2010
The James Love Churchill Fellowship to research endangered river turtle conservation projects and enterprises that are community based and multi-faceted - Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Brazil, United Arab Emirates

Mr Michael Connole, 1982
To study developments in animal and human mycoses (fungal diseases) and to attend the International Mycological Congress at Massey University, Palmerston North - New Zealand

Mr Bruce Cook, 1993
The Samuel and Eileen Gluyas Churchill Fellowship to investigate the potential of certain high value pasture plants for the tropical and sub-tropical regions of Australia - Brazil, USA

Dr Deirdre Cooke PhD, 2012
To review implementation of evidence-based practice to maximise recovery following stroke - USA, Canada, UK, Sweden

Ms Carmel Cooper, 2010
To study teacher professional development in the transition from school for students with a disability - USA

Ms Jacqueline Cowell, 2006
To study models where sport, recreation and physical activity programs have improved social capital in disadvantaged communities in addition to increasing physical activity participation levels - U.K., Ireland, Canada

Mr Mark Craig, 1996
To study best practice in intelligence management with respect to Chinese organised crime - Hong Kong, UK, Netherlands, Canada, USA

Mr Mark Crofton, 2011
To investigate guardianship laws, policy and education in order to prevent and prosecute elder financial abuse - UK, USA, Canada

Dr Cassandra Cross, 2011
The Donald Mackay Churchill Fellowship to study methods for preventing and supporting victims of online fraud - UK, USA, Canada

Mr Gerry Cummins, 2002.1
To study methods of repainting shattered heritage stained glass - USA, France

Mr David Curd, 1996
To investigate school and community health and drug education programmes - USA, UK, Malaysia

Mr Boyd Curran, 2010
To study programs for empowering disadvantaged Indigenous youth to improve life choices and employment opportunities - USA, Canada, UK, New Zealand

Mr Miles Currington, 1994
The Bob and June Prickett Churchill Fellowship to study and practice as a helicopter emergency and medical services pilot - USA

Miss Brieley Cutting, 2013
The Peter Mitchell Churchill Fellowship to expand music, career and industry knowledge in specific ways to achieve excellence as a pianist and Artistic Director - UK, Netherlands, USA

Mrs Irene Darveniza, 1973
To study in detail, aspects of remedial education related to the problems of secondary pupils - Sweden, UK, USA

Mrs Leonora Davenport, 1983
To study developments and methods of conducting exhibitions and workshops in geographically remote and culturally deprived communities - USA, Canada

Dr James Davidson, 2012
The AV Jennings Churchill Fellowship to investigate flood resilient design principles for mass produced affordable housing - USA, Netherlands, UK

Mr Robert Davidson, 1995
To pursue studies in musical composition - USA

Mr Cameron Davie, 1995
To investigate broadcast television programmes made primarily for and by deaf people - USA, UK, Sweden

Captain Brenton Davis, 2000
To study civil application of Tilt Rotor Technology - USA 

Dr Craig Davis, 1997
The Pratt Industries Churchill Fellowship to investigate ways to use food waste productively - USA, Canada, UK, France 

Mr Robert Davis, 1988
The Samuel and Eileen Glyuas Churchill Fellowship to undertake a three months study programme in order to develop and apply new technology to pasture disease research in North Queensland - Columbia, Brazil 

Dr Neville Davis, 1968
To study research developments in the treatment of malignant melanoma which is a serious form of skin cancer - USA, Denmark, Italy, UK 

Dr Catherine Day, 2003
To observe the educational policies and strategies in schools which have resulted in significant gains in improving the educational outcomes for students from low socio-economic circumstances in rural and remote centres - Canada 

Dr Peter De Jersey, 1977
To study renal diseases, in general and glomerulonephritis, in particular, at Guy's Hospital, London - UK 

Ms Johanna De Maine, 2001
To study workplace health and safety issues together with the resultant working methods employed in industry, for the hand painted decoration of procelain and ceramics - UK, Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, France, Austria, Ireland 

Ms Shan Deng, 1996
The Peter Mitchell Churchill Fellowship to carry out intensive study and training on solo piano and concerto repertoire - South Africa 

Ms Bernardine Denigan, 2008
The Vincent Fairfax Churchill Fellowship to ascertain methods for increasing Indigenous participation in education - USA 

Mrs Susanna Devries-Evans AM, 1995
To study Renaissance art and architecture - Italy 

Mr Robert Dick, 2005
To investigate groundwater management in large artesian basins with a view to using these methods to improve management of Australia's Great Artesian Basin - USA

Mr Robert Dobbs, 2003
To study sustainable horticultural management methods, horticultural tourism events and sustaining continuous high quality horticultural standards in public open space - UK, Germany, Netherlands, USA, Canada 

Miss Lesbia Dobson, 1974
To study ways and means of developing Western understanding of Japanese children's literature - Japan 

Mr Danny Donald, 2006
To undertake an indepth analysis of internal ambulance, police and fire service media operations with a view to developing practical and effective media response measures for Australia's emergency services, media and public - USA, UK 

Mr Alan Donaldson, 1979
To study overseas developments in technical and vocational education particularly in relation to the technology of diesel engines fluid power, heavy earthmoving and transporting equipment, farm tractors and crop production machinery and to be involved in  

Mr Paul Donatiu, 2009
To study the impact of climate change on rare plants with emphasis on identifying and protecting climate refugia - USA, South Africa, UK, Spain, Italy

Dr Jennifer Donelson, 2012
The Dr Dorothea Sandars and Irene Lee Churchill Fellowship to study the thermal physiology of reef fish living in the warmer oceans of the Persian Gulf - United Arab Emirates

Mr Kenneth Donnell, 1997
To study at theatres for the deaf in order to learn how to teach deaf children and adolescents to act and mime - USA, UK, Sweden 

Mr Kevin Doody, 1973
To study the systems of the administration of workers' compensation, and the rehabilitation of injured workers in advanced overseas countries - Sweden, UK, USA, Canada 

Mrs Dimity Dornan AO, 1992
To study auditory-verbal methods of teaching speech and language to hearing impaired babies and pre-schoolers - Canada 

Mr Carson Dron, 1989
The Peter Mitchell Churchill Fellowship to attend the advanced performance course at the Royal Academy of Music, London - UK 

Miss Susan Dunn, 2000
To investigate the production and presentation of a festival of song - USA 

Miss Nan Durrans, 1969
To study recent advances in the methods of teaching and administration techniques for physical education in schools and teacher colleges - UK, USA 

Mr John Dwyer AM, 2000
To study care and support for widows and children of War Veterans and Servicemen killed in training or hazardous duty with emphasis on fatherless children - New Zealand, UK, USA 


Mr Bob Edwards, 1999
To study collarmaking and harnessing and upgrade technical skills, coaching methods and judging standards for Australian carriage driving to reach international levels - UK, USA, Canada

Mr Jon Elcock, 1997
To study museum management - USA

Mr David Elliott, 2011
The James Love Churchill Fellowship to undertake a natural history concept and design study tour to assist with the concept planning of the Australian Age of Dinosaurs Museum - Canada, USA

Mr John Elliott, 2005
To study social documentary photography and publishing to further highlight the Australian bush and Australian country music history - USA

Mrs Georgina Elms, 1988
To visit museums and major European ceramic factories to study various aspects of contemporary and historic ceramics - UK, France, Germany, Denmark, Finland

Mr Scott Emerson, 2001
To study and produce for publication an analysis of emerging United States political campaign techniques and their likely impact on Australian elections - USA

Miss Wendy Emmerson (Now Holt), 1999
To assess centre-based respite services with particular reference to programming and activities - Canada, USA, UK, Denmark, Germany 

Mr Robert Engwicht, 1993
To study innovative programmes for youth at risk - USA

Mr Paul Evans, 1990
The Peter Mitchell Churchill Fellowship to undertake a course of study in French Horn at the Hochschule Fur Music in Cologne - Germany 

Mr Geoffrey Fahey, 2000
The Samual and Eileen Gluyas Churchill Fellowship to study the design, planning and conduct of artificial insemination programmes of cattle in tropical environments - USA, South America

Dr Jonathon Farrah, 2012
The Dr Dorothea Sandars and Irene Lee Churchill Fellowship to master the (DMEK) breakthrough in corneal transplantation to treat corneal blindness - USA, UK, Netherlands 

Mr James Farrell, 2014
To investigate how lawyers can empower communities to achieve change - USA, Canada, UK 

Mrs Kirstin Ferguson, 2003
To examine innovative strategies and procedures for responding to the needs of Australian Defence Force families in the event of a family member dying whilst in service - USA

Mr Peter Ferris, 1985
To study the application of cathodic protection to engineering structures - USA 

Mr Richard Fidler, 2011
To investigate new forms of public radio - USA, UK 

Major Marcus Fielding, 1999
To investigate techniques used by agencies teaching land mine awareness and avoidance - USA, Mozambique, Pakistan, Cambodia 

Mr Allan Fielding, 1974
To further studies in the moulding and casting techniques of fine art and sculpture - UK, USA, Germany, France 

Ms Susan Fisher, 2010
To study methods for stimulating private sector support for the arts in a challenging economic environment - USA, Canada, UK, Ireland 

Mr Robert Fitz-Walter, 1981
To study at the University of Newcastle, Dorothy Heathcote's methods of education for handicapped children through drama, and the application of her methods at other special education centres - UK 

Ms Carmel Fleming, 1998
The Bob and June Prickett Churchill Fellowship to examine ways to prevent eating disorders - UK, USA 

Ms Jennifer Flowers, 2005
The Gilbert Spottiswood Churchill Fellowship to study the teaching of voice and text for classical theatre - UK, USA 

Mrs Melissa Forbes, 2010
The Dr Dorothea Sandars and Irene Lee Churchill Fellowship to attend the Vocal Pedagogy Institute at Shenandoah Conservatory and intern with Robert Edwin and Jeanette Lovetri - USA 

Major Peter Ford, 2012
To study the design and construction of pre-1919 aircraft used by Australian Flying Corps - UK 

Mr Wayne Fossey, 1998
To investigate intervention and postvention programmes in relation to adolescent/youth suicide - USA, Canada, Belgium, Norway 

Mr Derek Foster, 1996
To study initiatives associated with community based natural resource management - USA 

Mr Gerard Franzoni, 2001
To study professional standards of film crew catering - USA, UK 

Mr Robert Frazer, 1990
To study the community based justice systems of the Indigenous peoples of USA and Canada, and to assess their applicability for Australian Aboriginal communities - Canada, USA 

Ms Narelle French, 2002
The Dame Roma Mitchell Churchill Fellowship to investigate renowned international operatic training programmes for young singers and repetiteurs - USA, UK

Mr Paul Friedman, 2008
To study crime prevention policy and program responses to alcohol-related crime - UK, Ireland, Belgium, France, Netherlands, Switzerland, Italy 

Dr Ashley Frisch, 2013
The Dr Dorothea Sandars and Irene Lee Churchill Fellowship to develop advanced methods for measuring and monitoring the condition of imperiled reef shark populations - USA 

Mr David Fryer, 1999
To study equipment, particularly wheelchairs, for the disabled for implementation in the Australian market - UK, USA 

Mr John Fua, 1987
To study methods of combating alcohol problems among Indigenous people overseas in order to assist Australian Aboriginal people - USA, Canada

Mrs Roslyn Gabriel, 2001
To study the development of breastfeeding peer counsellor programmes for implementation within Australia and ways to increase the breastfeeding rates in Indigenous Australians and mothers from lower socioeconomic backgrounds - USA, South Africa, UK

Mr Lindsay Gaffney, 1994
The Dr Iain C. Medgett Churchill Fellowship to study and practice Italian opera - Italy

Mrs Jacqueline Gallagher, 1967
To gain first hand information on the varied aspects of the socialisation and rehabilitation of disabled people - New Zealand, USA, Canada, Netherlands 

Dr Jenny Gamble, 2007
To examine models of maternity care, policy and training to facilitate the provision of services for disadvantaged women - UK, Netherlands, Iceland, Canada 

Ms Angela Gardner, 2007
To investigate the establishment of collaborative print/poetry small press for emerging practitioners - USA, UK 

Ms Shannon Garson, 2004
To study ceramic decoration through attendance at Masterclasses and a tour of the great ceramic collections of these countries - UK, Italy, France 

Mr Barry Garson, 1991
To investigate primary science programmes and teaching practices as developed by country education boards and teacher networks - UK 

Ms Areti Gavrilidis, 2008
To identify strategies, structures and financial incentives that enhance clinical research - USA, Canada, UK 

Mr Mark Gaydon, 2000
The Dame Roma Mitchell Churchill Fellowship to strive for excellence in playing the bassoon - USA 

Mr Martin Geddes, 2005
To acquire advanced blacksmithing skills through exposure to international practices - USA, Czech Republic 

Mr Darrell Geisel, 1995
To study the current training methods and operational deployment of "general purpose" police dogs - UK, Germany, Belgium, USA 

Miss Michelle Gibb, 2010
The Bob and June Prickett Churchill Fellowship to explore how a multidisciplinary wound care model could enhance wound healing services in Australia - Denmark, UK 

Mrs Sharon Gilchrist, 2011
The Bob and June Prickett Churchill Fellowship to investigate comprehensive epilepsy programmes including nursing services for children and young people with epilepsy - USA, Italy, UK 

S/Sergeant Gregory Giles, 2013
To improve outcomes between Police and vulnerable persons - UK, USA, Canada 

Mr Simon Ginn, 1995
To examine Light Rail Transit (LRT) systems - USA, Canada, France, Germany, Netherlands 

Mr Graham Godfrey, 1978
To undertake a post-graduate course in vocal studies at the Royal College of Music - UK 

Mr David Gole, 2000
To undertake specialist training in the conservation of architectural heritage and historic structures - Italy 

Ms Penelope Gordon, 1994
To evaluate Intensive Family Based Services (IFS) for child protection - USA 

Mr Barry Gorman, 1972
To undertake a comparative study of local and South African blue-tongue disease viruses - South Africa 

Inspector Robert Graham, 2003
To study coastal maritime search and rescue procedures - USA, Canada, UK, Singapore 

Mr Andrew Graham, 1992
The Lamington National Park Churchill Fellowship to survey impacts of tourism and recreation on forested ecosystems - USA, Canada 

Mr John Graham, 1984
To study the management and commercial viability of Fishermen's Co-ops - Canada, USA, Sweden, UK 

Ms Morley Grainger, 2002
To further develop my skills and vision by working with narrative artists - USA, UK

Mr Frederick Gravestock, 2004
To examine intervention programs that have successfully reduced the incidence of child abuse and neglect including programs for indigenous communities - USA, Canada, UK 

Miss Rosemary Gray, 1975
To study modern developments in therapeutic methods practiced by psychiatric nurses as training methods and administration procedures adopted in integrating the work of such nurses with that of other hospital nurses - USA, Canada, UK 

Inspector Bruce Graydon, 2008
The Dorothy and Brian Wilson Churchill Fellowship to examine early intervention programs and strategies that reduce crime and lower the risk of harm and anti-social behaviour - UK, USA, Canada

Mrs Dianne Greathead, 2013
The Bob and June Prickett Churchill Fellowship to explore international services and practical management strategies to improve inpatient hospital experience for children and their families, with stomas, complex wounds and pressure injuries - UK, USA, Swe 

Dr Alana Grech, 2012
To study methods for conserving the future of Australia's Indigenous heritage places - Turkey, Italy 

Dr Anthony Grice, 1998
The Swire Group Churchill Fellowship to undertake research on alien plant invasions and approaches to countering them - USA 

Ms Robyn Grigg, 2008
To investigate community managed medical service models in rural and remote areas - Canada, UK 

Mr William Groom, 1973
To study accommodation centres which relate exclusively to national parks with particular attention to design and planning, public education and "interpretive" facilities and vacation schools - USA, Canada 

Superintendent Norman Gulbransen, 1973
To undertake a study of the function, establishment, organisation and the operation of Crime Intelligence Units in police departments - UK, USA, Canada 

Mr Ashley Gurney, 2000
The Jack Sheeran Churchill Fellowship to study the latest developments in the science of baking - USA 

Ms Fiona Guthrie, 2014
To investigate the regulation, funding and operation of services designed to assist consumers in financial difficulty both for profit and not for profit - UK, USA 

Mrs Jennifer Gwinn, 2007
To study rehabilitation nursing of children in paediatric rehabilitation settings - Canada, USA 

Mr Laurie Gwynne, 1993
To assess fisheries resource management practices and in particular, methods of resource sharing between user groups - USA 


Mrs Sharyn Hall, 2001
To research the transfer of photographic images, including computer manipulated/generated imagery, to fabric and the interpretation of similar images into stitch - Canada, USA, UK, Japan, France

Mr Geoffrey Hamilton, 1986
To investigate the measures which can be taken to reduce biological discolouration and fouling of water supplies in order to improve water supply quality on the Gold Coast - USA 

Mr Nigel Hammond, 2002
The Samuel and Eileen Gluyas Churchill Fellowship to study the processing of organic grains as well as GMO grain crops in a grain handling/stockfeed environment - USA, UK, Ireland 

Mr Andrew Hammonds, 2001
The AV Jennings Churchill Fellowship to investigate established community based sustainable urban development which can be applied in the planning, design and construction of public housing projects in Queensland - Sweden, Denmark, Netherlands, Germany 

Ms Deirdre Hanna, 1995
To investigate the provision of spiritual support and pastoral care for people with cancer - USA, UK 

Dr Craig Hardner, 2012
To trace the domestication of the Australian macadamia nut - USA 

Miss Catherine Harkin, 1997
The Bob and June Prickett Churchill Fellowship to investigate methods of rehabilitation of injured hands and arms - USA 

Mrs Margaret Harley, 1976
To study overseas developments in educational programmes for isolated children - USA 

Mr Terry Harper, 1996
The Lamington National Park Churchill Fellowship to study the management of natural areas set aside for recreation - Canada, USA, Norway, Sweden 

Dr Vicki Harriott, 1988
To study life support systems and management of public aquariums, particularly those aquariums with successful coral reef displays - USA, Canada, Japan, Hong Kong 

Mr Graham Harris, 2004
The Swire Group Churchill Fellowship to evaluate current research and commercial use of precision irrigation practices in cotton and broadacre crops aimed at improving water use efficiency and minimising environmental impact - USA, Israel 

Mr Robert Harris, 1998
To gain experience in concert organising and networking - Canada, USA, UK 

Dr Alison Harris (now Van Haeringen), 1993
To investigate the care in the community of children with disabilities or those socially disadvantaged - UK, USA 

Mr Stephen Hart, 2014
To study in situ, historical and contemporary figurative sculpture which has revitalised civic space - USA, Spain, Germany, Poland, Switzerland, UK 

Mr Trevor Hart, 2014
The James Love Churchill Fellowship to investigate traditional terrior cheese making using ingredients from immediate environs - Turkey, Spain, Italy 

Ms Georgia Hawes, 2009
The Peter Mitchell Churchill Fellowship to study with leading experts in the field of operatic/vocal interpretation and performance - USA, Germany 

Dr Fiona Hawthorne PhD, 2007
The Bob and June Prickett Churchill Fellowship to study the provision of specialised antenatal care for women whose babies are likely to die shortly before, during or after delivery - USA, UK 

Mr Michael Hayes, 2012
To research alternative grape varieties that would suit Queensland's climate - Italy, Spain, Portugal, France 

Dr David Haynes, 2004
To examine the techniques adopted and strategies used to report on water quality monitoring programs in tropical and temperate marine environments in the northern hemisphere - UK, USA, Bermuda 

Miss Wendy Haynes, 1985
To study the nursing care of bone marrow transplantation patients in the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Centre Seattle - USA 

Mr Douglas Hayward, 1998
To investigate ways in which rural and remote communities are incorporating tourism into economic development - Canada, USA 

Mr Ian Henderson, 2006
To study vinegar manufacture from foods currently in over supply in Australia (apples, pears, citrus, sugar, wine grapes) as a means of finding alternative markets and uses for this produce - Austria, Italy, Spain, France 

Mr Ian Henderson, 1991
To study audiological care of hearing impaired Inuits in order to apply the lessons learned to children in North Queensland Aboriginal communities - Canada

Mr Nicholas Henry, 2000
To study alpaca fibre production and processing - USA, South America 

Mr John Hepburn, 2002
To research successful approaches in establishing environmental enterprises that generate local employment and contribute to community development - USA, UK 

Mr Daniel Hickson, 1994
The Samuel and Eileen Gluyas Churchill Fellowship to assess methods of setting up Landcare information centres (telecottages) - Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, Italy, USA 

Ms Lisa Hillan, 2005
To explore differing models of residential care for young people with emphasis on links to evidence and research in the design and evaluation of out of home care - UK, USA, Canada

Mr Neville Hines, 1990
The Kern Corporation Churchill Fellowship to study operational techniques and data reduction for use with piezocone penetrometer systems (simultaneous measurement of water pressures) in order to determine ground structure stability and strength for subsequent building or drilling - Canada, USA, Netherlands, UK. 

Mrs Rhyl Hinwood, 1986
To study the work of present and past great sculptors and to learn first hand the skills of marble sculpture - Italy, France, UK, USA 

Mr John Hodge, 1971
To study the use of museums as effective educational institutions - USA, UK, France, Denmark, Germany 

Mrs Jessica Hoey, 2014
The Dr Dorothea Sandars and Irene Lee Churchill Fellowship to investigate integrated management strategies and their potential application to crown-of-thorns starfish on the Great Barrier Reef - New Zealand, Japan, USA, Canada 

Dr Andrew Hoey, 2011
The Dr Dorothea Sandars and Irene Lee Churchill Fellowship to study the effect of seaweed chemicals on the health of reef-building corals - USA, Fiji 

Mr Bernard Holland, 2006
To investigate how education systems institutionalise Ecological Sustainable Development - Canada, Sweden, Denmark, UK, Ireland 

Mr Barry Holt, 1983
To study the art of bow making for string instruments - UK 

Captain David Horner, 1977
To gain practical experience in overseas institutions undertaking research in military history and defence studies - USA, UK 

Mr Kenneth Horrigan, 2009
To research the application of environmental ratings systems and energy efficiency measures to heritage buildings - Canada, UK, USA 

Ms Linda Houston, 2001
To investigate programmes that are providing quality outcomes with a preventative intervention focus for children with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) - USA

Miss Beverley Houston (NOW Simpson), 1969
To gain up-to-date knowledge of special purpose clays and the latest techniques and equipment in clay research and process control - USA, UK, Canada, France, Germany 

Dr Janet Huang, 2010
To study advanced techniques in reconstructive surgery particularly relating to head, neck and breast cancer and tissue transplantation - USA 

Miss Meryl Hughes, 1970
To study choreography at the London School of Contemporary Dance and to undertake the advanced choreology course at the London Institute of Choreology - UK 

Mr Ian Hunter, 2001
To investigate the management of urban public parks and gardens - USA, Canada, UK 

Mr Brian Hutchison, 1975
To study recent improvements in design practice and constructional technology in small boat-building - UK 

Ms Glenda Hyland-Reid, 2006
To study community cultural development and community arts projects for people with a disability - UK, USA


Mr Merrick Ilett, 2001
The Save The Children Fund Churchill Fellowship to study specialist child sexual abuse counselling agencies - USA, Norway, UK

Dr Dennis Ilott, 1990
To study British bands, in particular training programmes for young conductors at the Salford College of Technology in Manchester - UK

Mrs Anita Inwood, 2012
The Bob and June Prickett Churchill Fellowship to explore practical management strategies to improve the quality of life of Australian children with genetic metabolic disorders and their families - UK, Spain

Mr David Ironside, 1985
To study developments in Integrated Pest Management (IPM) of macadamias and pecans - USA


Inspector Mark Jackson, 2006
To study the operation of Family Justice Centres which offer co-located services to victims of domestic violence - UK, USA

Dr Jane Jacobs, 2004
To compare models of assessing the clinical efficacy and cost/benefit of new and emerging health technologies and treatments - UK, Sweden, Italy, Canada, USA, New Zealand

Mr Keith Jaffray, 2000
To investigate the global marketplace for Australian native floral products - Taiwan, Japan, USA, Netherlands, Germany

Mr Norman Jagger, 2001
The Jack Sheeran Churchill Fellowship to study the response of the National Baking Industry to the demands of self-regulation, environmental impact and community consultation - UK

Mr Ian Jarratt, 2006
To investigate the development, implementation and use of comprehensive unit pricing (price per kg/litre) arrangements, especially for pre-packaged groceries - Belgium, Sweden, UK, Ireland, USA

Ms Lesley Jenkins, 2004
To investigate cultural and heritage projects featuring oral history with emphasis on training and documentation techniques, support programs for volunteers and oral history collection management procedures - UK, USA

Ms Tracey Johnson, 2014
To study models of bringing care out of hospitals and into the community for people with chronic disease - New Zealand, USA, Canada, UK

Mr Arthur Johnson, 1980
To study singing under Ottoker Kraus and at the National Opera Studio in London and the teaching of singing at the Britten-Pears School at Aldeburgh - UK

Dr Mark Johnston, 1994
The James Love Churchill Fellowship to examine the agronomy of coffee growing in Central and East Africa and relate this to the Australian industry - Malawi, Zimbabwe, Kenya,Tanzania

Mr Robert Jones, 2007
To study classroom and mental health strategies for schools after experiencing natural disasters - USA

Mrs Michele Juratowitch, 2003
To study counselling techniques and intervention strategies appropriate to meet the needs of gifted children, adolescents and parents - USA

Miss Ingrid Just, 2007
The James Love Churchill Fellowship to investigate how the power of popular radio can enhance wellbeing - UK, USA


Mr Brian Kay, 1978
To study overseas developments in mosquito research and control - UK, USA, Pakistan

Dr Anna Kearns, 2011
The Australian Biological Resources Study Churchill Fellowship to examine the taxonomy of the Pacific Robin complex - USA

Mrs Kathy Kelly, 2005
To investigate strategies to deliver "post retirement employment opportunities" for our retiring workforce - UK, USA

Mr Stephen Kelly, 2000
To study community involvement, participative action models and conflict resolution processes in water resource management - USA

Mrs Penny Kelly, 1997
To study methods of preventing abuse of the elderly in residential care facilities - UK, Sweden, Netherlands, USA, Canada

Dr Gail Kelly, 1992
The Bank of Queensland Churchill Fellowship to study instructional design techniques for the planning and production of educational material in the field of remote sensing - USA

Mr Geoffrey Kelly, 1990
The Australian Institute of Parks and Recreation Education Trust Fund Churchill Fellowship to study public education techniques applied in marine reserves to enhance the education, recreational and inspirational value of these places to the public - UK, Ecuador, USA

Dr Jeffrey Kemp, 2012
To investigate school based anti-gang programs - USA, Canada, UK

Mr Neale Kemp, 1985
To study electronic pagination and composition printing systems - Germany, UK, USA

Dr Richard Kemp AM, 1980
To observe and practice the management and teaching of infectious diseases in a General (Teaching) Hospital setting at the Harvard Medical School - USA

Dr Lynn Kennedy, 1988
To visit those centres overseas where state of the art research into Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) is being conducted and in particular to visit those researchers interested in male treatment of HPV as a means of preventing the occurrence and recurrence of cancer of the cervix - USA, UK, France, Canada

Ms Alexis Kenny, 2007
The Dame Roma Mitchell Churchill Fellowship to undertake advanced flute performance development and observation - UK, France, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland

Miss Megan Kentish, 1993
The Bob and June Prickett Churchill Fellowship to investigate specific aspects of physiotherapy management of children with congenital spinal defects - UK, USA, Canada

Mr Matthew Kenway, 1994
The Bank of Queensland Churchill Fellowship to investigate ways to minimise the impact of effluents - Taiwan, China, Japan, Thailand

Ms Jennifer Keppel, 1993
The Bank of Queensland Churchill Fellowship to investigate the provision of library services to the aged and the housebound - Canada, USA

Ms Mitra Khakbaz-Oxton, 2013
To improve economic participation for refugee women at risk to achieve integration - New Zealand, Canada, UK, Finland, Belgium, Switzerland

Mr Langley Kidby OAM, 2001
To study the acquisition and retention methods of highly successful smaller European Aviation Museums to help stem the disastrous loss of our aviation heritage due to poor practices - France, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Italy

Ms Meg Kiddle, 2001
To undertake intensive vocal, language and cultural studies - UK, Germany

Dr Frances Killion, 1995
To learn about advances in the management of offenders in correctional institutions, and the role of official visitors - UK, Netherlands, France, Sweden

Ms Deborah Kilroy, 2013
To contribute to decarceration through identifying innovative alternatives to imprisonment which could be implemented in Australia - USA, Canada

Mr Garry King, 2002
To study school gatekeeper youth suicide prevention programmes, particularly implementation processes and evaluation data - USA

Mrs Sandra King, 1993
To research camping programmes for children who have been severely burned - USA

Dr Robin King Cullen, 1998
To investigate techniques to improve representative community input to urban and regional planning - New Zealand, South Africa, UK, USA, Canada

Ms Jill Kinnear PhD, 2003
To study the diverse historical influences of decoration within Spanish architecture and textile design and to consider the relationship of contemporary outcomes to the multicultural Australian built environment - Spain

Mr Gary Kinnon, 2001
To investigate strategies of utilising vocational education as a means of prisoner rehabilitation and methods of making training fully transportable within regional communities - USA

Sgt Cameron Kirkpatrick, 2002
To study law enforcement based strategies and programmes that are in place to prevent and reduce the increasing incidence of fatalities and injury accidents involving heavy vehicles with emphasis on community policing and technology - New Zealand, USA, Canada

Mr Timothy Knox, 2010
To study the management of cultural and natural resources by Aboriginal people - USA

Miss Sonya Kupfer, 2006
The 40th Anniversary Churchill Fellowship (QLD) to assess Protective Behaviours and Sexual Abuse Education Programs for particularly vulnerable children delivered outside the education system - USA, Canada, UK


Miss Joanne Lack, 2006
To study jazz and country violin techniques with professional leaders who have developed their style from the basis of a classical technique - USA

Dr Christopher Lambrides, 2010
The Samuel and Eileen Gluyas Churchill Fellowship to study novel breeding techniques for tropical forage and turf grasses - USA, Japan

Ms Elizabeth Lamont, 2003
To study traditional and contemporary drawing practices with emphasis on the use of fabric in women's costume in art works of the 15th Century Italian Renaissance masters - USA, France, Italy

Mr Baden Lane, 1999
To assess the status and adoption of acoustic techniques in fisheries management strategies and marine mammal research - UK, Denmark, France, USA

Mr Piers Lane AO, 1979
To undertake advanced studies in piano technique and interpretation at the Royal College of Music, London, and to collect and study contemporary piano literature - UK, USA

Sister Kerry Lannoy, 1975
To undertake a one year advanced course for social workers at the Tavistock Clinic, London - UK

Mr John Larcombe, 2008
To examine urban mass transit systems both below ground (metro rail) and above ground (light rail/busways) - USA, Canada

Ms Frances Larkey Gethen, 2007
The Mr and Mrs Gerald Frank New Churchill Fellowship to develop a National Register for dementia clients - Canada, USA, UK, Ireland

Mr Hugh Lavery, 1967
To observe and discuss a variety of research findings in the fields of fauna conservation and management and the problems of the control of native fauna affecting primary industries - UK, USA, Canada, Malaysia, Switzerland, Netherlands

Mr Sean Leahy, 2000
To study the work and production methods of major international cartoonists/animators in the fields of print and film - USA, UK, France

Mr Stephen Leek, 1997
To study music making with interaction by the community - UK, Finland, Denmark, Iceland

Miss Sarah Lethbridge, 1999
The James Love Churchill Fellowship to investigate low cost sewerage schemes for implementation in small and rural communities - UK, Denmark, Germany, USA, New Zealand

Mr John Lewis, 1977
To study the revegetation of coastal land degraded by population pressures - UK, USA, Netherlands, Germany

Mr Michael Lewis, 1971
To study various systems of prison control - USA, UK, Canada, Sweden

Detective Sergeant Terence Lewis, 1968
To study the formation and operation of Juvenile Aid Bureaux - UK, France, Germany, Denmark, USA

Mr David Liddiard OAM, 2008
To investigate economic advancement for Indigenous Australians through supply diversity models - USA, Canada, UK, United Arab Emirates

Miss Laurette Lideros, 1984
To undertake courses in ecclesiastical embroidery - UK, Netherlands, Belgium

Mr Antony Lightfoot, 1981
To study the phleborheographic technique developed for the non-invasive diagnosis of Deep Venous Thrombosis - USA

Mr Charles Lisner OBE, 1972
To study contemporary work being created in the major ballet companies - Russia, Denmark, UK, USA, Belgium

Dr Donald Loch, 1996
The Samual and Eileen Gluyas Churchill Fellowship to study the effects of plant breeders' rights on the breeding of new cultivars - Japan, Canada, USA, UK, France, Netherlands, Poland, Germany

Mr Gilbert Logan, 1983
To study postural support mobility aids for handicapped children - USA, UK, Canada, Netherlands, Germany

Mr Timothy Low, 2011
To study climate change management of Australian ecosystems - UK, Switzerland, Sweden, USA

Mr Ian Low, 1980
To study overseas developments in deaf/blind education - USA, UK, Denmark

Mr Gary Luchi, 2007
To investigate the most cost effective and efficient ways to remove and recycle ghost nets and other marine debris from the environment - USA


Mr Philip Macey, 2008
To examine problem solving court programs for homeless people and those with impaired capacity - USA, Canada, UK

Ms Bryony MacGillivray, 2005
The Peter Mitchell Churchill Fellowship to undertake advanced flute tuition with a world-renowned performer/teacher in London - UK

Ms Gayle MacGregor, 2005
To study the construction techniques of historical clothing in the 16th-18th Centuries - UK

Ms Eileen Mack, 2002
The Peter Mitchell Churchill Fellowship to observe acclaimed performers of contemporary (classical) chamber music - USA

Miss Hilda MacLean, 2007
To investigate visitor education in historic cemeteries - UK, France

Ms Cath Maddox, 2007
To study spiritual care of the bereaved through life review programs - USA, UK, Italy

Brother David Maher, 1994
To study alternative educational programmes for young people with personal problems - UK

Reverend Allan Male AO KSJ MBE BA BEd, 1979
To investigate the rehabilitation of anti-social youth with particular emphasis on programmes of reparation, restitution and compensation following court appearances - USA, UK, Netherlands

Dr Andrew Mallett, 2012
The Bob and June Prickett Churchill Fellowship to investigate collaborative kidney and genetic health clinic programs - UK, France, USA, Canada

Mr Michael Marendy, 1996
To investigate current preventative measures and treatments used in textile conservation - France, Italy, UK

Ms Anna Marsden, 2003
To investigate new trends and methods in fundraising for cultural institutions - USA, UK

Mr Stanley Marsh, 1983
To study developments in primary and high school road safety educational programmes - UK, USA

Mrs Lesley Marshall, 1999
The Samuel and Eileen Gluyas Churchill Fellowship to study prairie farm rehabilitation administration with particular reference to land and water resources - Canada

Mr Raymond Martin, 1995
To study overseas mapping techniques - UK, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, France

Mr William Martin, 1978
To study the use of herbicides in reduced tillage and no tillage, double-cropping systems of farming called opportunity cropping - USA

Ms Lana Martino-Smith, 2006
The Dame Roma Mitchell Churchill Fellowship to undertake advanced tuition in contemporary vocal technique with world renowned singing teacher, Neil Semer - USA

Mr Brian Maxwell, 2013
The James Love Churchill Fellowship to study plaster conservation methods and materials to raise the standard of conservation in culturally significant buildings - UK, Ireland, Italy

Ms Anna Maxwell, 1999
The Peter Mitchell Churchill Fellowship to investigate and document therapeutic techniques for traumatised children and their families - UK, USA, Canada

Mr Max McArdle, 1976
To study new mediums and modern developments in letterpress-making methods - USA, UK, Germany

Ms Stephanie McCaw, 2008
To study the 'Scotland-Venezuela' music education program and other community music projects - UK, Finland, USA, New Zealand

Mr Terrance McCosker, 1991
The Samuel and Eileen Gluyas Churchill Fellowship to study cell grazing (also known as Duration Grazing) with a view to ascertaining its application to Australian rangelands - USA, South Africa

Ms Joyce McCulloch, 2008
The James Love Churchill Fellowship to adopt strategies to launch Isa Rodeo into the international marketplace - Canada, USA

Mr Mark McDonald, 2009
The John Swire & Sons Churchill Fellowship to study managing and developing sustainable aerial application in an environmentally sensitive world - USA

Ms Belinda McDonald, 2008
To further develop my understanding in relation to the MOVE (Mobility Opportunities Via Education) curriculum and research opportunities for implementation in Queensland  - USA

Mr Bruce McDonald, 1986
To study recent developments in the classification and husbandry of beef cattle in order to improve the efficiency of the Australian beef cattle industry - UK, USA

Mr Ronald McDonald, 1970
To gain advanced training in the most recent developments in soil survey techniques with particular regard to irrigation crops - Netherlands, Italy

Mr Ian McDonald, 1969
To study modern developments in the teaching of multiple handicapped children and adolescents - New Zealand, UK, USA, Switzerland, Denmark, Netherlands

Ms Ruth McDougall, 2013
To research new models for the promotion and presentation of Pacific textiles - Papua New Guinea, USA, Canada, UK, Taiwan

Dr Michael McDowell, 1998
To investigate ways to assist children with developmental disorders - UK, Germany, Singapore, USA, New Zealand

Mr Stephen McGarrigle, 2002
To undertake a comparative analysis of a range of International Leadership programmes specifically designed for leaders in non-profit settings - USA, Canada, UK

Ms Pauline McGrath, 2013
To review the delivery of counselling support for women undergoing new prenatal technology - UK, USA, Hong Kong

Ms Sally McHugh, 2002
The Dr Iain C. Medgett Churchill Fellowship to undertake an intensive period of voice and language training - USA, Italy

Mr John McInnes, 1982
To study developments in metallurgical and pollution control in iron foundries at the British Cast Iron Research Associations Laboratories in Birmingham - UK

Mr Stewart McIver, 1981
To study overseas developments in the design and construction of livestock handling facilities and vehicles - New Zealand, USA, Canada

Mr Ian McKay, 2002
The James Love Churchill Fellowship to explore the conceptual structure of a future school and the role of a Principal in an online environment with emphasis on the potential social impact of online learning communities in rural and remote areas - USA, Canada

Miss Margaret McKay, 1976
To obtain knowledge and genetic material relevant to the major problems of the Gladious flower-growing industry - Israel, USA, South Africa

Dr Lynne McKinlay, 2002
To investigate rehabilitation services for children - USA, Canada

Mr Kevin McNulty, 1980
To study developments in maxillo-facial prosthetics with particular emphasis on minimising scarring following extensive burns - USA

Ms Melissa Medina, 2008
The Bob and June Prickett Churchill Fellowship to study international approaches for improving tissue and organ donation experiences - Spain, USA

Mr Peter Meiklejohn, 1974
To gain information and further experience in the processing of dairy foods, new product developments and marketing of dairy foods - UK, Denmark, Netherlands, Germany

Mr Gregory Mellis, 2002
The Rotary Club of Canberra Churchill Fellowship to study the operation of projects designed to develop and support young social entrepreneurs in order to implement a Community Action Centre that will provide a centralised facility for projects whose work

Mr Raoul Mellish, 1973
To gain experience in the latest procedures and techniques of gallery administration more particularly in respect of display, presentation and restoration of art exhibits - USA, UK, France

Mr Simon Meyjes, 1991
To study resin transfermoulding techniques for large component fibreglass reinforced plastic mass production, CAD-CAM techniques and aerospace composites applicable to the boatbuilding industry in Australia - Japan, Netherlands, Sweden, UK, USA

Dr Graham Michael, 1992
To study horticultural and irrigration techniques used in the production and extraction of geranium oil - Algeria, Mauritius, Madagascar, Morocco

Mr Stephen Midgley, 1968
To study the Nile Perch because of its close relationship to the Barramundi Perch of Northern Australia - South Africa, Uganda

Mr Nigel Miller, 2014
To instigate the establishment of a child protection law specialist accreditation program in Queensland - UK, Switzerland, USA, Canada

Mr David Miller, 2003
To review the "Magnet Recognition Program" which recognises organisations that provide the best nursing care, nursing practice and patient outcomes - USA, UK

Mrs Sandra Milliken, 2001
To enhance skills in choral methodology and organisational management as they apply to community choirs for youth and women - USA, Canada, UK, Sweden, Finland

Dr Robert Mitchell, 2014
To investigate models of postgraduate training in International Emergency Medicine - USA, UK, Canada

Dr James Mitchell, 2011
The Samuel and Eileen Gluyas Churchill Fellowship to identify novel control techniques for use in feral pig management - France, Germany, UK

Senior Sergeant Michael Mitchell, 2008
To analyse strategies for preventing and resolving mental health crisis situations by working collaboratively with other health care professionals - UK, Canada, USA

Mr Joseph Mizzi, 1968
To study the building and development of cane harvesters for green as well as burnt cane - Fiji, USA, Mexico, West Indies

Mr Timothy Moes, 1999
To study the efficiency and effectiveness of distance education - Canada

Miss Moira Moffett, 1971
To study staff structures and patterns and other staffing problems in nursing - Sweden, USA, UK, Canada

Sergeant Matthew Moloney, 2014
To research culturally effective police response to Indigenous persons in mental health crisis situations - Canada, USA, New Zealand

Ms Diane Moon, 2002
To further my study and the promotion of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island fibre art - Switzerland, Germany, UK, USA

Mr Milton Moon, 1966
To study ceramics - Iran, Italy, UK, France, Spain, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, USA

Dr Andrea Moor, 2014
To broaden my knowledge through exposure to current theatre practice in Europe - UK, Ireland, France, Germany, Norway

Mr Mark Moran, 1997
The James Love Churchill Fellowship to study technology and health in Indigenous communities - USA, Canada

Miss Jennifer Moran, 1974
To develop overseas techniques of machinery used in cardiac radiography - UK, USA, Canada, New Zealand, Germany

Senior Constable Tim Morgan, 1997
The Max Phelan Churchill Fellowship to study the use of thermal imaging equipment fitted to police and search and rescue helicopters - UK, USA, South Africa

Mrs Jill Morris, 1972
To broaden experience of the cultural environments as a prerequisite to writing childrens' stories about such countries - Russia, UK, France, Italy, Germany, Denmark, Norway, Iceland, USA, Canada

Mr Montague Morris, 1969
To undertake a postgraduate degree in audio-visual aids, curriculum development and to visit major audio-visual centres - USA, UK, Canada, Japan

Ms Elissa Morriss, 2005
The Bob and June Prickett Churchill Fellowship to investigate ways to support adults with brain injury and their family/carers to manage challenging behaviour - UK, USA, Canada

Dr North Morseu-Diop, 2011
To explore Indigenous-specific healing initiatives in prisons and the criminal justice system - USA, Canada

Mr Graeme Morton, 2003
To interact with superior choral directors in order to incorporate better models of leadership, particularly the training of leaders, in choral organisations within the Australian community - USA, Canada

Ms Geraldine Moses, 1999
To investigate funding, training, utilisation, advertising and resources associated with drug information centres - USA, Canada, UK

Mr Derran Moss, 2006
To undertake a comparative investigation of legislation and policy responses to Volatile Substance Misuse particularly the implementation of intervention models for juveniles and indigenous communities - USA, Canada

Ms Catherine Moynihan, 2009
To study advocacy and legal representation for children and young people in the child protection system - UK, USA

Dr Heidi Muenchberger, 2009
The Dr Dorothea Sandars and Irene Lee Churchill Fellowship to study models of lifelong care for people with traumatic brain injury - UK, USA, Canada, New Zealand

Mr Brent Muir, 1999
The Donald Mackay Churchill Fellowship to investigate the latest methodology and technology available with regard to organised crime and drug syndicates in combating drug problems - USA, UK

Mr Timothy Mullooly, 2004
To study the provision of theatre for children - Germany, Italy, Netherlands, UK, Ireland, USA, Canada, Chile

Ms Kathryn Munro, 2014
The Bob and June Prickett Churchill Fellowship to evaluate services to improve the management and quality of life for Australian children and adolescents with neuromuscular disorders and their families - USA, UK

Dr Craig Munro, 1991
To investigate the unique position of Canadian book publishing in order to determine the corresponding benefits which may be available to Australia - Canada, USA

Ms Annette Murphy, 2002
To examine the role of registered nurses in child protection multidisciplinary teams with particular focus on child sexual abuse nurse examinations, and to assess the educational programmes available for nurses wishing to specialise in the area of child p

Mr Dale Murray, 2011
To establish links with international education specialists and research teams who support education for young people outside mainstream education environments and who are at risk of social exclusion - USA, Canada, UK

Miss Elizabeth Murray, 1982
To study developments and programmes in the education of minority groups and the teaching of English as a second language - UK, USA, Canada

Mrs Jane Myers, 2011
To study sustainable horsekeeping management systems with a view to minimising the environmental impact of horse properties - USA, Canada


Mrs Esma Nash, 1998
The Mr and Mrs Gerald Frank New Churchill Fellowship to study dementia care and carer support - Canada, USA, UK, Sweden, Denmark

Ms Merran Newman, 1995
The Sir Vincent Fairfax Churchill Fellowship to examine alternative management methods in the care of the frail and confused elderly - USA, UK

Mrs Barbara Nichol, 1980
To study remedial teaching and the clinical diagnosis of handwriting problems at the Handwriting Institute and the psychology of writing graphic problems at the Dyslexia Clinic - UK

Mr Mark Norman, 1995
To investigate crops for use in rotation with irrigated cotton to improve the sustainability of cotton production - USA

Ms Melissa Nursey-Bray, 2001
The James Love Churchill Fellowship to assess the CAMPFIRE model which involves rural communities in conservation and development by returning to them the stewardship of their natural resources making wildlife a valuable resource - South Africa, Namibia

Mr David Nuttall, 1977
To study oboe performances under Heinz Holliger - Germany

Mr David Nutter, 1998
To gain experience by working with the major exponents of large scale free-form forging - Italy, Germany, USA


Mr Malcolm O’Brien, 1988
The UK Winston Churchill Memorial Trust Churchill Fellowship to study rescue procedures, types of craft and equipment and attend a training course at Poole for instructors and crew coxswains - UK

Dr Daniel O’Connor, 2002
To evaluate recent overseas research into possible causes of endometriosis - USA, UK, Belgium

Mr James O’Donnell, 1993
To investigate ways of establishing high professional, cultural and ethical standards as a defence against corruption in police forces - Malaysia, Hong Kong, USA, UK, Canada

Mr John O’Donohue, 1978
To study developments in community involvement in education - USA

Ms Jane O’Hara, 2012
To research successful international writers festivals using effective and innovative programming and governance strategies to remain relevant and valued by their communities and stakeholders - India, UK

Mr John O’Kane, 1990
To assess and study areas of successful crossbreeding in cattle, particularly adaptability, functional efficiency and suitability for Northern Australia - USA

Mr Christopher O’Neill, 2007
To study the potential for integrating livestock behaviour into genetic improvement programs - USA, Brazil, France, UK

Dr Peter O’Regain, 2001
The Samuel and Eileen Gluyas Churchill Fellowship to investigate sustainable management of rangelands, particularly new research and management technology - USA

Mr Damien O’Sullivan, 2009
The Samuel and Eileen Gluyas Churchill Fellowship to investigate the role of perennial crops and managed grazing for carbon sequestration in grazing land - USA, Argentina, UK

Mr Jonathan Oehm, 2006
The James Love Churchill Fellowship to study advanced techniques in therapeutic and remedial shoeing (farriery) - UK

Mr Max Olding AM, 1970
To investigate new methods and techniques relating to pianoforte teaching and instruction at advanced and tertiary levels - Japan, Russia, Hungary, France, UK, USA

Mr David Oliver, 1986
To study overseas developments in the use of stabilised rammed earth as a building material in order to speed construction and reduce costs in some forms of building in Australia - UK, Germany, France, USA

Dr Jason Olsen, 2001
To study the latest developments in soil health which offer the potential of sustaining Australia's soil resources and reducing our dependence on biocides - USA

Dr Jennifer Ovenden, 2002
To investigate a new method to estimate the size of a fisheries resource using population genetics - USA, Canada


Miss Carolyn Pappin, 2002
To undertake a study of advanced cartographic (map making) design and production techniques, with an emphasis on visual perception, imagery design and 3D illustrative mapping - UK

Mrs Jennifer Park, 1975
To examine residential care facilities as well as aspects of treatment, financing and staff training especially in the case of difficult children - UK, USA, Austria, Switzerland, Sweden

Mr Seamus Parker, 2003
To study trends in laws governing the management of water - Italy, UK, USA, India

Mr Anthony Parkes, 1998
To evaluate European Chamber of Commerce and Industry international trade services and schemes for the development of industry - UK, France, Germany

Mr Harry Pauli, 1971
To investigate programmes in land and water resources used in countries whose achievements are relevant to Australian conditions - Canada, UK, Netherlands, Italy, Israel, South Africa

Mr Gregory Peach, 1998
To investigate strategies and structures used to enhance school based management and school effectiveness - USA, Sweden, Denmark, UK

Mr Michael Pecic, 2009
To investigate practices surrounding forensic examination of crime scenes for offences against animals - USA

Mr Peter Pedersen, 2012
To examine the maritime enforcement operations of the UK Border Agency and their relevance to Torres Strait Treaty Movements at the Australian-PNG border - UK

Dr Stuart Pegg AM, 1974
To study developments in the treatment of burn injuries - UK, Denmark, USA

Mrs Sally Pelekanos, 2012
The James Love Churchill Fellowship to study brass and woodwind instrument repair, assembly and construction - France, Germany, UK, China, USA

Mr Giuliano Perez, 2008
To investigate edible school gardens as hubs for community food production, their link to school curriculum and environmental education - UK, USA, Cuba, Argentina, New Zealand

Miss Joan Petch, 1981
To study the use of two dimensional ultrasonic scanning techniques for diagnosis of heart disease - USA

Mr David Phelps, 2002
The Samuel and Eileen Gluyas Churchill Fellowship to study international floodplain pastures, particularly the problems associated with grazing and natural resource management of these systems - Namibia, South Africa, Botswana, Argentina, USA

Ms Margaret Philp, 1988
To interact with experienced storytellers, research stories and ideas for presentation and investigate workshops in order to gain expertise as a storyteller - Canada, USA

Mr Simon Pierce, 2001
To observe new trends in pipe organ building - USA

Miss Kathy Pingel, 1999
To observe piano teaching techniques, materials and teacher training courses - USA

Mr Christopher Pipe-Martin, 2005
To investigate water treatment methods to improve the sustainability and quality of water supplies - Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, UK, Canada, USA

Mr Phillip Piperides, 1990
To study monumental ceramic-shell casting technology - USA

Ms Lyndal Plant, 1995
The Bank of Queensland Churchill Fellowship to investigate the best practices for planting, growing and managing trees in cities - Singapore, Hong Kong, USA, Brazil

Mrs Tania Porter, 2012
The Nancy Fairfax Churchill Fellowship to research innovative collaborative early childhood educator training programs in Indigenous communities - Canada, USA

Mr Glen Postle, 1974
To study and obtain information on the establishment and developments of "Teachers' Centres" - UK

Mr Maurice Potrzeba, 2010
To study historic pointing, mortars, gauged arches and niche construction to facilitate the correct preservation of historical buildings - UK

Ms Robyn Potter, 1998
To develop negotiating skills and explore the nature of partnerships between Indigenous people and the mining industry - Canada, USA

Mr Kenneth Poulsen, 1967
To obtain information on the latest techniques of small seed production, harvesting, cleaning and storage, including a five week course at the Institute of Seed Technology, Mississippi - USA

Mr Donald Powell, 1996
To study advanced wood-carving and sculpture - UK, Switzerland, Germany

Dr Morgan Pratchett, 2007
The Quicksilver Connections Churchill Fellowship to study stable isotope methodologies and advanced technologies to further understanding of the trophic links between corals and fish - UK

Mrs Kathryn Prentice, 2002
To study innovative models of childhood sexual abuse primary, secondary and tertiary prevention programmes - USA

Mrs Glenda Price, 1990
To assess and investigate advances in the care and rehabilitation of spinal cord injury clients with focus on occupational therapy - USA, Canada

Mr Brian Prove, 1992
To study methods of run-off and soil erosion prediction applicable to ungauged grazing land catchments - USA

Mr Angelo Puglisi, 1977
To study growing and management techniques associated with the wine producing industry - Italy, Germany, France

Mr Bradly Pullen, 2007
The Samuel and Eileen Gluyas Churchill Fellowship to study commercial IVF techniques with a view to integrating these techniques into the Australian cattle industry - USA, Brazil

Dr Amanda Purcell, 2013
The Dr Dorothea Sandars and Irene Lee Churchill Fellowship to develop further knowledge of head and neck lymphoedema assessment and treatment methods - Italy, UK, USA

Mr Gordon Purss, 1966
To study developments in work on resistance to crown rot of wheat - USA, UK


Mr Shan Raffel, 2009
To study emergency planning, preparation and response to fires and other incidents in large tunnels - Germany, Denmark, Norway, Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, Canada, USA

Mr Aladin Rahemtula, 2002
To investigate Court Historical Societies and legal museums with a view towards further development of the Supreme Court History Program (QLD) - USA, Canada, UK

Mr William Rahmann, 1975
To study developments in the use of freeways more particularly in terms of "village accessibility" in respect to car and truck density, staggered work hours, public transport and city buildings - USA, UK, Japan

Ms Dianne Rankin, 1992
To undertake research on the maximisation of potential of gifted children - USA, Germany

Mr Graham Redhead 2002
The Jack Green Churchill Fellowship to study traditional European Specialty Cheesemaking practices - France, Italy, UK

Mr Darcy Redman, 2004
To study production methods of high quality drinking water with emphasis on storage, safety, transport and local manufacture of water - USA

Mr Jason Redman, 1996
To develop skill as a professional trombonist - USA

Senior Sergeant Ronald Redmond, 1979
To study developments in training and operational investigations undertaken at the scene of homicide and serious crime against the person - UK, USA, Canada

Ms Jacqueline Reed, 2014
To improve life outcomes for young people transitioning from statutory care to independence - Netherlands, France, UK

Dr Adrian Reynolds, 1993
To seek innovative approaches to the prevention and treatment of alcohol and drug abuse - UK, Netherlands, Switzerland, USA

Mr Peter Rice, 2002
To investigate links between the disability sector and the tourism industry with emphasis upon networking, training, advocacy and delivery of services - USA, Canada, UK

Mrs Adele Rice AM, 1984
To study developments in the teaching of English as a second language - UK, France

Mr Peter Richards, 1988
The A.V. Jennings Churchill Fellowship to study the design, construction and management of co-operative housing in order to provide secure and affordable housing for low income earners - UK, Canada

Mr Mark Ritchie, 1997
The Samual and Eileen Gluyas Churchill Fellowship to review extensive area environmental planning as it applies to the pastoral industry - USA, Canada

Mr Chris Robertson, 2000
The James Love Churchill Fellowship to study pond aquaculture utilising closed systems with zero effluent discharge - Israel, USA, Thailand, France

Ms Emma Robinson, 2014
The Samuel and Eileen Gluyas Churchill Fellowship to investigate beef supply chain innovation with emphasis on achieving better returns for beef producers and a more viable beef industry into the future - UK, Canada, USA

Mr Lionel Robinson, 1967
To study and gain experience in the techniques of testing in haematology particularly as they apply to the diagnostic testing in large hospitals - UK

Mr BLAIR Roots, 1999
To assess rural television production in the farming and regional communities - USA, Canada

Mr Graham Ross, 1982
To inspect residential facilities for handicapped children and study normalisation and socialisation programmes - UK, USA, Canada

Ms Helen Rowe, 2008
To study the clinical practice of allied health team members within Multidisciplinary Pain Management Centres - UK, Netherlands, Belgium, Canada, New Zealand

Ms Meaghan Rowe, 2001
To assess innovative youth schemes such as the YMCA prevention through recreation youth development and education program - USA

Mr Stewart Rowe, 1989
To investigate traditional Japanese methods for making iron and steel and traditional and modern forging methods used by master smiths - Japan, USA

Mr Mervyn Rowland, 1979
To undertake a course in advanced leathercraft and saddlery at De Witt's Custom Saddlery and School, Oregon - USA

Dr Richard Roylance, 1995
To extend knowledge of child protection/child abuse in order to better serve the community - USA, UK, Norway

Ms Pamela Rushby, 1994
To investigate the production of educational television - Canada

Miss Margaret Russell, 1981
To study operatic techniques and specific operatic roles at the London Opera Studio - UK

Mr Robert Ryan, 2009
To investigate training models for professional staff in statutory child protection - UK, USA, Canada


Mr John Saal, 1970
To observe courses and practices in medical technology - USA, Canada, UK, Italy, France, Singapore

Mr Nigel Sabin, 1992
To study musical composition at an advanced level - USA

Mr Damian Sammon, 2011
To study how residents of manufactured home parks form cooperatives to buy and then operate their manufactured home park - USA

Ms Loretta Saunders, 2000
The Qantas Churchill Fellowship to gather information on tourism marketing strategies in Asia with particular emphasis on emerging special interest markets - Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, China, Indonesia

Ms Francesca Savige, 2010
To study Shakespeare in community theatre under the mentorship of Janet Buckland and Ubom! Drama Company - South Africa, UK

Professor Andreas Schloenhardt PhD, 2011
To examine the application and effectiveness of anti-organised crime laws in Australia - Austria, France, Germany, UK, USA

Mr Lyndon Schneiders, 2002
To investigate examples of land use planning in remote areas and evaluate applicability to the resolution of environmental, native title and development disputes in Northern Australia - Canada

Mr Bradley Scholz, 1991
The Swire Group Churchill Fellowship to study the reduction of insecticide use in crop production by use of native egg parasites with particular reference to the cotton industry - Netherlands, Switzerland, Canada, USA, Germany

Detective Sergeant John Schot, 1997
To investigate the latest developments in the protection of VIP's - UK, USA, Canada

Dr David Schultz, 1992
To study adolescent health programmes available in hospitals and the community - USA

Mr Kenneth Scott 1980
To study Angora goat breeding and the mohair industry - South Africa, USA

Dr Robert Scott, 1978
To study overseas developments in preventative occupational health and safety in private industry, particularly in the meat industry - USA, UK, Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Yugoslavia

Mr Ross Searle, 1999
To study significant Pacific collections - Papua New Guinea, UK, France, Germany USA

Ms Sherryl Searles, 2012
To facilitate the development of a training program for delivery of a novel psychosocial intervention to enhance end of life care - New Zealand, Canada, UK

Mr Nurdon Serico, 1976
To gain increased knowledge in modern trends in all aspects of radiography - USA, UK, Sweden

Miss Emma Shakes, 2013
To gain a greater knowledge and experience of the craftsmanship of men's costume tailoring - UK, USA

Mr Thomas Shapcott AO, 1972
To observe and study matters relating to the writing of verse, to contact writers and to gather information for a proposed publication - UK, USA

Mr Jeffrey Shaw, 1991
To study two major and innovative projects providing high quality educational opportunities to remote, isolated, disadvantaged students - Canada, UK

Mr Roger Shaw, 1984
To study recent advances in criteria and methods for assessing the quality of water for irrigation purposes and attend an international conference on the subject in Israel -  USA, Israel

Ms Elizabeth Shearer, 2003
To study telephone legal advice services for low income and disadvantaged people - USA, UK

Dr Doug Shelton, 2013
To understand how to build a comprehensive assessment and intervention service for children with Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder - USA, Canada, New Zealand

Ms Julie Shelton, 2008
To investigate regulatory impediments to artisanal food and initiatives that nourish relationships between producers and consumers - USA, Ireland, UK, France, Italy

Mr Matthew Shepherd, 2005
The Bruce Byers Churchill Fellowship to investigate the management of refresher training in air traffic control - Canada, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Denmark, Sweden

Ms Rebecca Sheppard, 2003
To visit national and state fisheries agencies and indigenous organisations concerned with managing fisheries resources in traditional and indigenous areas - Canada, USA

Ms Linda Shields, 2000
To examine the delivery of family-centred care in children's hospitals - Iceland, Sweden, UK

Mr Michael Short, 2000
To investigate methods for the management of wildlife in the event of an oil spill - USA

Ms Margaret Sietsma-Smith AM, 2003
To investigate the choreographic and performance processes undertaken by leading international dance theatre practitioners, particularly the unique work practice of French artist Maguy Marin - France, USA

Ms Irit Silver 2009
To broaden my experience in orchestral leadership and study transitions from student to professional - Germany

Ms Tanya Simons, 2000
To study organisation, management and conducting of youth orchestras - USA, Canada

Miss Jayne Simpson, 1996
The Bob and June Prickett Churchill Fellowship to study speech, language and educational programmes for children with impaired hearing - Canada, USA

Mrs Lorraine Skerman (Now Fuller), 2001
To gain further expertise in the art of conducting, with particular attention to brass and concert bands, orchestra and opera - USA, UK, New Zealand

Ms Liz Skitch, 2008
The Gilbert Spottiswood Churchill Fellowship to investigate children's theatre practice and cross-cultural collaboration - Japan

Reverend Raymond Thomas Slattery, 1967
To study methods of in-service training of science, particularly chemistry teachers - USA

Mr Michael Smith, 2008
To investigate climate change adaptation for effective management of freshwater environments - Botswana, UK, Canada, USA, Brazil

Mr Randall Smith, 2002
To study police investigations of clandestine drug laboratories - USA, Canada

Mr Paul Smith, 1998
To research the established methods for reaching successful negotiated agreements on native title - Canada, USA

Miss Kerry Smith, 1966
To study at the Royal Manchester College of Music - UK

Mr David Solley, 2000
To study the upgrading of large wastewater treatment plants for nutrient removal - South Africa, Netherlands, France, Denmark, Canada, USA

Miss Pamela Spall, 1991
To study child abuse prevention programmes of the USA  and to assess their applicability for the Australian community - USA

Mr David Spence, 1998
The Samuel and Eileen Gluyas Churchill Fellowship to investigate the production of disease-free seed for research purposes - India, Netherlands, USA, Columbia

Mrs Karen Spiller, 2011
To examine strategies for preparing female leaders for the position of Principalship in Australian schools - USA, UK

Mr Gilbert Spottiswood, 1987
To study theatrical interpretation at the Andreas Voutinas School in Paris in order to improve the quality of cultural projects in Queensland - France

Mr Jason Sprott, 2010
To study sustainable seaport design, development and operation - Singapore, China, UK, Netherlands, USA, Canada

Mr John Stafford, 2002
To study public art commissioning processes and programmes with particular focus on high profile major commissions such as the public artwork for the September 11 Monument to recognise New York's Firefighters - USA

Mr Trevor Standfast, 1978
To study developments in the field of learning disabilities of technical college students and concomitantly undertake a Master of Education course in adult education at the University of Manchester - UK

Mr Waverley Stanley, 2012
The Dorothy and Brian Wilson Churchill Fellowship to investigate strategies aimed at making a difference in the lives of disadvantaged children through education and training - South Africa, Tanzania

Mr Clifford Stanley, 1970
To study the methods and techniques used at orthopaedic shoe sections - USA

Mr Richard Steel, 1987
To determine the most advanced techniques in tea growng in order to apply these techniques to Australia's rapidly expanding tea growing industry - Kenya, Malawi, Malaysia

Mr Darrel Steer, 1991
To meet and observe key researchers and practitioners involved in teaching critical thinking in the USA in order to develop a programme for the teaching of thinking approaches in Australia - USA

Mrs Margaret Steinberg, 1978
To study overseas developments in research, remediation and facilities for young children with clumsiness, hyperactivity and related problems which inhibit educational progress - USA, UK

Mr Michael Stephens, 2008
The Samuel and Eileen Gluyas Churchill Fellowship to study silvopastoral design and potential in the sub-tropics - USA, UK, France, Spain

Mr Brian Stockwell, 2001
The Waterwatch Australia Churchill Fellowship to enhance the impact of Waterwatch and river health monitoring activities, particularly innovative partnerships between the community, government and industry that have led to good river health outcomes - UK,

Ms Ruth Stoneley, 1986
To study the historical, social and technical aspects of quiltmaking - USA

Mr Paul Stumkat, 2002
To research methods and practices used in the production of museum exhibitions with an emphasis on sculpting techniques and procedures used when reconstructing dinosaurs and finishing their skeletons - USA, Canada, UK

Mrs Anne Stunzner, 2001
To examine successful self-driven producer groups, particularly focusing on learning systems and techniques and the economic impact of new system innovation - USA, UK, Netherlands

Superintendent Donna Sturgess APM, 2007
To study how policing organisations address rail related safety and security to provide an environment that gains community confidence - Russia, UK, USA, Canada, Hong Kong

Mr Colin Sutcliffe, 1989
To study and evaluate new distance learning technologies to assist with expansion of distance education centres and more extensive use of modern communications technology - USA, Canada

Mr Geoffrey Swan, 1968
To study and observe modern methods in educating children affected by cerebral palsy - USA, UK, Switzerland

Mr William Sweetenham AM, 1981
To study training and research methods for sprint swimming - USA


Mrs Alison Taafe, 2004
The James Love Churchill Fellowship to assess the Bachelor Degree of Culinary Arts course to facilitate possible implementation of this qualification in Australia - USA

Miss Nancy Tait (now Finlay), 1991
The Peter Mitchell Churchill Fellowship to evaluate rehabilitation programmes that enhance early discharge from hospital and an early return to full functional capacity of the burn patient - Canada, USA

Ms Betty Taylor, 2002
To study multi-agency interventions to domestic violence with a focus on collaborative approaches to domestic violence, child abuse and sexual assault within a common model - USA, Canada

Dr John Taylor, 1990
The Samuel and Eileen Gluyas Churchill Fellowship to investigate the potential of the emerging field of landscape ecology and developments in grazing behaviour research for understanding the stability and productivity of tropical grazing lands - USA

Mr James Teitzel, 1974
To make an appraisal of techniques for assessing the influence of minerals on the productivity and stability of grazed pastures - UK, Russia, Netherlands

Mr Colin Terare, 1994
To examine community based strategies for prevention and care of people with HIV/AIDS - Kenya, Uganda, Zambia

Mrs Sue Theile, 1985
To study youth rural training and extension programmes - UK, USA

Ms Joanna Thomas, 2012
To research and experience producing models for the contemporary theatre arts - UK, USA

Dr Angus Thompson, 2013
To investigate systems of community heart failure care delivery in well-established multi-disciplinary services in geographically and socioeconomically challenging areas - USA, UK

Mrs Margaret Thompson, 2009
To study buffalo genetics, breeding and husbandry techniques - Argentina, USA, UK, Bulgaria, Italy

Mr Henry Thompson, 1973
To study laboratory design and management in tertiary educational institutions - UK, USA, Canada

Pipe Major Douglas Thoresen, 1980
To study for the Diploma Senior Teachers' Certificate at the Institute of Piping in Edinburgh, Scotland and to compete in world class bagpiping events - UK

Mr Peter Thorley AM, 1970
To study local government procedures - UK, Netherlands, Canada

Ms Kerrie-Ann Thornber, 1989
To study and observe recent developments in laryngectomy rehabilitation with particular emphasis on vocal restoration - USA, UK

Mr George Thornber, 1968
To study and observe modern ideas, equipment and methods in the printing industry and generally to improve qualifications in the graphic arts - France, UK, USA

Mrs Lorraine Thornquist, 1986
To bring back knowledge of the methods of using computers in foreign language learning - USA, France

Mrs Coralie Thorogood, 1975
To gain advanced knowledge in the breeding, rearing, care and handling of Angora goats for the production of food and mohair - South Africa

Mr Gary Thorpe OAM, 2011
To study the application of music for the management of dementia and related issues - USA, Canada, UK, Denmark

Miss Diana Tolmie, 1997
To study the clarinet - France

Miss Shauna Tomkins, 1997
The AMP Churchill Fellowship to examine models for multi-jurisdiction/multi-sector regulation of the finance sector - USA, UK, Canada, Belgium

Miss Margaret Toohey, 1985
To study development in the teaching of maths to children with special needs - USA

Dr Maree Toombs, 2011
The Monash University Churchill Fellowship to study resilience and its potential to significantly enhance the retention rates of Indigenous students at University - Canada

Mr Dan Toombs, 2007
To explore the use of therapeutic courts - USA

Ms Danielle Toon, 2011
To investigate North American models of devolved governance to drive educational reform in Australian public schools - USA, Canada

Mr Paul Toon, 1991
To study the techniques applied in tree breeding programmes - South Africa, Brazil, USA

Mr Robert Tozer, 1989
The Samuel and Eileen Gluyas Churchill Fellowship for the study of the technology of the major components of the sterile insect release method used in the eradication of the screw-worm fly from livestock industries - Mexico

Mr Michael Tracey, 1983
To study modern techniques of casting sculptures - UK, Germany

Mrs Deborah Tranter, 1993
To investigate coach building, wheelwrighting and the restoration of horse drawn vehicles - USA

Mr David Tredenick, 2001
To study recorder making - France

Mr Percy Trezise, 1972
To study cavepainting in respect to their use as tourist attractions and their preservation from vandalism, weathering and other causes of deterioration - South Africa, UK, France, Spain, USA

Mr John Trier, 1995
To expand the skills and techniques for working with horn and to develop a wider range of products - UK, France, Germany, Indonesia

Mr Mark Trotter, 2013
To develop new architectural initiatives to enhance education facilities for disadvantaged and disengaged youth - Singapore, Finland, UK, Ireland, USA, Canada

Mr Bruce Tully, 2003
The James Love Churchill Fellowship to study jewellery design for application to uniquely Australian gems and materials such as opals, argyle diamonds, Broome pearls and sapphires in settings incorporating emu leather, crocodile and barramundi skin - USA,

Mr Darcy Turgeon, 2000
To study programmes to assist Indigenous people during and after custody - USA, Canada

Miss Josephine Turner (now Volck), 1988
The Swire Group Churchill Fellowship to examine farm management strategies used by the Israeli and USA cotton industries in order to assist Australian cotton producers to become more efficient and remain competitive in the world market - Israel, USA


Ms Corinne Unger, 2009
The James Love Churchill Fellowship to study abandoned mine rehabilitation and post-mining land use - Austria, Germany, UK, Canada

Dr Jacqueline Upcroft, 2002
To collect and compare isolates of the most common sexually transmitted protozoan parasite, Trichomonas Vaginalis - Papua New Guinea, South Africa, USA

Dr Rudolf Urech, 1997
To explore methods of non-insecticidal control of pest insects - Sweden, UK.


Mr John Van Klaveren, 1979
To study new nursery practices in relation to deciduous fruit trees and grapevines and evaluate those varieties suitable to Australia - USA, UK, Netherlands, Italy, Israel

Mr Rohan Vaughan, 1994
To learn new concepts for working with young people at risk - USA

Mrs Tricia Velthuizen, 2002
To study programmes which help child witnesses cope effectively with the pressures of the witness box in criminal trials - USA, Canada

Miss Rhonda Vickers, 1967
To study accompanying and opera coaching - UK

Mr Leon Vidler, 1971
To observe and study modern developments in the education of deaf children - Japan, USA, UK, France, Germany, Italy

Mr Andrew Viduku, 2002
To survey methods used by conservation laboratories that specialise in the treatment of wet archaeological artefacts - USA, Canada, Denmark, Sweden, UK

Miss Jane Virtue, 1987
To study sail training in Europe in order to contribute better to Australian Yachting Federation Training Schemes - UK, Germany

Ms Jenny Vran, 1998
To gain knowledge of the development and use of equipment and skills designed to enable disabled people to participate in outdoor recreation - USA



Mr Kristian Wale, 2009
The Park Family Churchill Fellowship to research methodologies and techniques used in Alternate Education - Ireland, Canada, USA

Mrs Katie Walker, 2006
To study the curriculum delivered from clinical Simulation Centres to build course capacity in Queensland - USA, Denmark, Italy, Germany, UK

Miss Margaret Walker, 1979
To observe operating theatre techniques and theatre management in traumatic and vascular surgery instrumentation and the set up of trauma theatres - USA, UK, Canada

Dr Robyn Wallace, 2004
The Dr Dorothea Sandars Churchill Fellowship to investigate tertiary level adult intellectual disability healthcare clinics, particularly those specialising in Downs Syndrome, cerebral palsy, ageing and genetics - USA

Mr Bruce Wallace 1996
The Qantas Churchill Fellowship to study tourism management and marketing - USA

Dr Arian Wallach, 2014
To investigate the ecological effects of losing and recovering the Earth's largest predators - India, Israel, South Africa, USA

Ms Prudence Walsh, 1991
To study the design of environmental provision and its effect on children's learning through play, with particular emphasis on the early childhood years - USA

Mrs Margaret Ward, 1989
To study key organisations involved in advocacy and family support for disabled persons and to use the knowledge gained to improve family support and advocacy in Australia - Canada, USA

Mr Rodney Warmington, 1973
To investigate all aspects of barrier-free architecture with recognised world authorities to gain professional knowledge and experience to become an authoritative specialist in the field of movement of able and disabled people in the Australian architectu

Mr Jason Warnock, 2008
The Bob and June Prickett Churchill Fellowship to investigate Indigenous health programs which focus on the prevention of diabetic foot amputations - USA, Canada

Miss Christina Waterson, 2010
To study the origins of patterns and their relation to 3Dimensional spaces and objects - Japan, China, Hong Kong, Turkey, UK

Mr Edward Watkin, 1997
To investigate leadership programmes for Indigenous people - USA, Canada

Mr Michael Watson, 2000
The Donald Mackay Churchill Fellowship to investigate strategies and policies to reduce drug supply - Netherlands, Austria, USA, UK

Inspector Robert Waugh, 2004
To examine the command, control and tactical strategies used to manage and resolve high risk and terrorist incidents to ensure successful outcomes whilst minimising the risk to the community and responding police - Israel, UK, Ireland, Spain, USA, Hong 

Mr Robert Weis, 1987
To carry out investigative visits to prominent US artist blacksmiths in order to teach and apply the knowledge gained in Australia - USA

Mr Adrian Welbourne, 2001
To observe companies which recycle aluminium and magnesium saltcake, manufacture aluminium and magnesium powder and meet with respective industry associations - USA, UK, Italy

Dr John Welch, 1977
To study advance studies of parasitic diseases - USA, Japan

Ms Melissa Western, 2014
To investigate improvised music theatre techniques and observe professional ensemble training - UK

Dr Peter Westoby, 2007
To compare models of practice that address inter-cultural youth violence in cities - New Zealand, USA, UK, South Africa

Miss Margaret Whiley, 1968
To study social welfare administration particularly in respect to policy planning - France, UK, USA, Canada

Mr Barry Whisson, 1990
To study detailed design needs of accommodation facilities and requirements for people suffering from dementia - Germany, Norway, Sweden, USA

Miss Elizabeth White, 1980
To undertake the Post Certificate Course in Oncological (Cancer) Nursing at the Royal Marsden Hospital, London - UK

Ms Anne Marie White OAM, 2007
To examine programs established to increase media coverage for women in sport - New Zealand, USA, UK

Dr Melanie White PhD, 2013
To study methods for finding Genetic Markers of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and Substance Abuse - Brazil

Ms Ann-Maree Willett, 2008
To study and revive the lost art of millinery in Australia - Italy, France, UK

Mrs Merran Williams, 2010
The Jeannie Ferris, National Centre for Gynaecological Cancers Consumer Churchill Fellowship to investigate strategies used to help women diagnosed with ovarian cancer in terms of 'survivorship' - USA

Ms Sarah-Grace Williams, 2010
The Stuart and Norma Leslie Churchill Fellowship to undertake lessons and assist renowned conductors and leading European and American Orchestras - UK, Germany, Russia, Ukraine, Norway, USA

Mr Rodney Williams, 1996
The Bank of Queensland Churchill Fellowship to investigate the direct reuse of wastewater for residential, commercial and industry purposes - South Africa, UK, USA

Dr Richard Williamson, 1999
The Bob and June Prickett Churchill Fellowship to study advances in paediatric tumour diagnosis using new techniques to identify alterations in tumour DNA - USA

Mr Neil Willmett, 2009
The Vincent Fairfax Churchill Fellowship to identify successful strategies that will enable the growth of Indigenous owned enterprises in Australia - USA, Canada, New Zealand

Mr Brian Wilson, 2012
To study techniques used in the selection and maintenance of concert pianos from factory to stage - USA, Germany, UK

Mr Joe Wilson, 1992
To obtain hands-on experience at the National Motor Museum and Mercedes Benz and to observe crafts used for motor vehicle restoration - UK, Germany

Dr Bruce Wilson, 1991
To study the development and integration of low cost, environmentally safe methods for the control of weeds which threaten rangeland productivity, land care and conservation of natural resources - USA

Dr William Wilson, 1976
To study recent developments in the practical aspects of dental treatment of handicapped children - Canada, USA, UK

Dr Brian Wilson OAM, 1966
To visit a number of Glaucoma Centres for consultation and study - USA, UK, Germany, Switzerland

Mr Allan Windsor, 1991
To study counter-disaster and civil defence practices - Hong Kong, USA, Canada, UK

Ms Suzanne Witham, 1996
To study piano accompaniment - UK, USA, Germany, Italy

Dr Stephen Withers, 2003
The Bob and June Prickett Churchill Fellowship to study paediatric health care delivery in areas of social disadvantage with emphasis on multigenerational learning disabilities, behavioural disorders and welfare dependence - UK, USA 

Mr Jason Woodward, 1997
To study aerosol art - USA, Germany

Mr Anthony Woodyatt, 2006
To observe practical programs to advise and assist self-represented litigants in superior courts in civil law cases - USA, UK

Miss Kirsty Wright, 2003
To investigate improved methods of DNA profiling for use in forensic casework and Disaster Victim Identification (DVI) - USA, UK

Dr Kim Wylie, 1993
To study innovative practices in dementia care with particular emphasis on staff training - Netherlands, Denmark


Ms Anna Yen, 2002
The Gilbert Spottiswood Churchill Fellowship to study all aspects of physical theatre particularly directing, creating new works and clowning - UK, USA, France


Mr Paul Ziebarth, 1997
To investigate the development of quality management systems in horticulture - UK, USA